Why I like the Roland TD-1

The TD-1 is Roland’s most recent entry e-drum set. In my opinion, it is the best entry drum set they’ve ever made. Here is why:

It does not take much space


There has never been an electronic drum set that requires such a minimum space and is flexible at the same time. All pads are small, but big enough to hit them precisely. The pedals are moveable and not attached to the rack.

The rack itself is reduced to the basics, does only consist a few bars and can easily be reassembled. All parts fit in a very small box in case you want to transport the kit. This makes it a perfect electronic drum set for all small apartments. It is also a great choice for people who have to move often.

The kit is quiet


Roland TD-1The bass drum pedal is the quietest pedal on the market and does not cause disturbing noises. It might not be as realistic as a real pedal and a bass drum pad, but it is by far the best solution if noise could be an issue at your place. This is the main concern people have with e-drums. They buy them to not disturb anyone, but sooner or later realize that the kick drum is annoyingly noisy. If there would be a price for the most silent electronic bass drum, the TD-1 would get it.

The TD-1 can be extended


Every older Roland entry level kit like the Roland HD-1, HD-3 and TD-4KP has always been limited to the components it comes with. Even a beginner wants to add a second crash after playing drums for a while. This has never been possible before. The Roland TD-1 however, offers the possibility to add an additional crash cymbal.

Another great feature is the exchangeable kick pad. You can connect any Roland kick pad including real single- or double pedal in order to have a more realistic kick drum. Or if noise is an issue, you can upgrade to a Roland KT-10 kick pedal, which is quiet and offers not only a more realistic feeling than the standard TD-1 kick, but can be extended to a second KT-10 in case you want to play double bass.

The USB Connector


The TD-1 module does not provide the best sounds. But since I am a big fan of using sample software like EZdrummer2, it is most important to me to connect the module to a computer. All the other Roland entry sets do have a MIDI output, which can only be connected via MIDI interface to your PC. The TD-1 however, can be connected directly via USB cable. That makes it a perfect kit for songwriting and home recording.

I do not mention the sensitivity, since Roland is already known for good quality e-drum kits. There is no other kit in this price range that delivers a better trigger result.

What modifications would I apply to make it a perfect kit for my needs?


  1. I would upgrade the rubber snare to a Roland PDX-8 Mesh pad. Since the rubber pad has no rim zone that can be triggered.
  2. As a double bass player I would exchange the standard kick pad with 2 Roland KT-10 pedals (since they feel better and aren’t causing too much noise either).
  3. I would add an additional OP-TD1C as 2nd Crash

The Roland TD-1 is not only the perfect beginner kit, it is also great for advanced drummers who live a flexible lifestyle and want to reduce their belongings to the minimum. It is compact and does have everything you need.

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27 Replies to “Why I like the Roland TD-1”

  1. does it have to be a roland kick drum or can a gear4music one be compatible with the kit, as i want a double kick pedal? thanks

  2. 261/5000
    Hello, I have the TD1 module, but it is very limited, you can not program sounds per pad and it only comes with 15 sound kits, I would like to change it for the TD4, as I saw in other pages that the TD4 can do it and it brings up to 25 sound kits , is TD4 superior to TD1?

    • Yes, the TD-4 has more editing options and is a lower mid-class module, while the TD-1 is entry level. The only weak spot of the TD-4 is the missing USB port.

      • Are there any other differences in playing between td-1 and td-4 modules besides sound presets and cabling? I mean lower latency or better feal behind the drums? If you decided to upgrade only module with td1k kit which one would you choose?

    • Hi, instead of buying batter rolands hardware you can buy addictive drums 2 software where you can actually adjust pads however you like. Its powerful program. Of course you’ll need to connect via midi to your computer.

  3. Hi, I own a TD-1k kit with single bass pedal and I want to upgrade that to a double bass. Would it require to purchase double kick pedal and a bass pad separately thereby replacing the exiting kick pedal or I can add another kick pedal keeping the original one?

  4. If you replace stock kick pedal by the KT-10, can you chain the original kick pedal to the KT-10 (so you don’t have to buy 2 KT-10) ??

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