V-DrumTips in 2016

2016 starts with not so good news for V-drumtips. The people who are following my channel on YouTube and this blog for a while, know that I released videos on a regular basis, usually 1 video every 2 weeks. This, however will change this year.

watches-1204696_640Making these videos and writing content is always fun, but also really time consuming. A 3 minute video does not seem to be much work, but it certainly is a lot. 1 video takes between 3-8 hours in total. It has to be planned, scripted, filmed, edited, voice overs have to be recorded, thumbnails have to be designed and even the actual upload takes half an hour.

Blog Posts and website maintenance require at least 5 hours per week. That means I spend more than 1 full working day, every week on keeping up with new content.

This can be really exhausting if you have a 40 hour job and plenty of other responsibilities.

Recently I started to study part time in computer science. This will be my priority for this year and take most of my time besides my day job. There is simply no time left for making videos for V-drumtips as often anymore.

V-drumtips will not stop, I will just produce less content as usual. It is still my passion and a nice hobby. I love producing content about electronic drums and do not want to give up on this project. So don’t worry! I have some videos planed about a bass drum trigger and hopefully the aD5. 

Thanks for your support!

2 Replies to “V-DrumTips in 2016”

  1. Hi Marcel,

    It is a pity that you have less time to spend on this very interesting site. Might there not be some people (or someone) that are interested to produce some videos every now and then and send it to you as an editor?


    • Hi Martijn,

      I would like to spend more time on it, it is just not possible at the moment. I am also not a big fan of outsourcing the video recording, since I want to keep a high standard. Someone who wants to film things has to have good camera and lighting equipment.

      But no worries, I will release more articles soon:)

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