Roland TD-40

Roland TD-40

Dear reader, I am sorry if you thought Roland released a new electronic drum module called Roland TD-40. This image is photoshopped, even the name TD-40 is only a speculation and I do not know if there will be a new flagship model soon.

I consider this post as my wish list for the next electronic drum module from Roland or any other brand.

I play a Roland V-drum kit for many reasons. Roland produces by far the best E-drums, but as you might read in my previous posts, I am still skeptical about some of these kits weaknesses. The truth is, the perfect electronic drum module is still not existing. Every single high end module has its downsides and of course its advantages. If someone would combine all the advantages, we would already have the best module in the world.

I listed the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 best electronic drum modules on the market. These are Roland TD-30 and 2box Drumit Five.

Roland TD-30

  • Many stereo inputs, even extendable with another midi module for endless pads
  • Positional sensing
  • Most realistic e-hi hats can be connected (VH-11, 12, 13)
  • 8 outputs for live gigs (can be mixed by the sound engineer)
  • The module does still produce unrealistic sounds

2box Drumit Five

  • Real samples sounds of actual acoustic kits
  • Free sound libraries for download
  • 6 outputs for live gigs
  • Hi hat does not feel as realistic
  • Limited amounts of inputs
  • No positional sensing

As you can see, both modules have advantages that could be combined to make a super module.

For now a TD-30 is only the best module in the world if you use it with Superior Drummer 2.0. A MIDI sample software with real drum sounds, that recognized even the positional sensing data of the TD-30. This means you’d have to use your module in combination with a PC and a recording software to get the most out of it.

The problem is that most e-drummers just want to switch on their e-drum kit, grab the headphones and play. Setting up a PC and loading software would sometimes be a reason to not play drums sometimes. And speaking of gigs, who wants to carry his expensive PC to a gig? I know Roland is able to build this electronic drum module. The Roland TM-2 is already able to sample real drum kit sounds. That means the technology is existing in Rolands workshop.

I hope either 2Box or Roland will soon release the best e-drum module in the world. I will probably turn into a hipster out of excitement and queue in front of the store the day it gets released.

What features are on your wish list? Leave a comment to share your idea with me and others.

13 Replies to “Roland TD-40”

  1. That was the best breakdown of both modules I’ve seen. I too am a Roland person but the 2box has caught my attention. I wish Roland would use samples. They would be untouchable.

    • So you want to use the TD-9 as parent module to trigger vex sounds? Why would you do that?:) Better connect your TD-9 to your TD-30 and trigger some actual good sounds from EZdrummer2.

      • Thanks marcel but I don’t want to use a laptop at all. I want everything i can get soundwise put on a USB then plug in and play. No tweaking! Lol any good options you know of??
        So far I have a td 9kx2 with vex USB and td 30 with vex USB. Td 30 vex kits aren’t as crisp or pleasant sounding as the td 9 vex release. Do you know of any other 3rd party options who have a USB expansion pack for plug n play for a td30?
        Love your version of the td 40 I think it looks Awsome. You should contact Roland with your design but make sure you copywriter, patent, or trademark your design first !
        Thanx again in advance bro
        Aki Papamarkou

        • Hi, the TD-30 does sound much better than the TD-9, but if you like the TD-9 sounds more, it must be a matter of personal taste. The only custom TD-30 sounds I know are the drum-tec versions. They edit the module sounds but I think thy come with a module. So you can’t download them.

  2. I want to change td25 with something better and I’m BETWEEN td30 and atv ad5 which is more descending
    What is your advice

    • Hi, first, I have not tried the AD5 yet, but it seems to be really promising. I red every user review and I will probably buy one myself. But for you it depends on your needs. The TD-30 has many inputs and is the best module out there(except the sounds). Are you more into sound or into the number of pads?

  3. Hi there guys!

    I’m new to this and want to buy a USED TD30 is it V pro or something? Anyway, I look at all the used TD30 kits on sale on the various web sites and I can’t tell which is the top of the line kits and which are cheaper kits. Can you tell me how I can definately tell the differences between the kits please?


    • The TD-30 is the best module. There are 2 TD-30 kits. The TD-30K(standard version) and TD-30KV(High end pads). They have different pads and different cymbals.

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