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Roland released a brand new electronic drum module named TD-25, which is basically settled between TD-11 and TD-30. Or let’s just call it the new TD-12. Since Roland introduced the latest range of v-drums there has always been a gap for a tour set. The TD-12 which provides basically the flagship features of the TD-20 with less inputs, size and functions did not get a follow up model.

In order to enjoy features like positional sensing on the snare drum and ride, you had to buy a TD-30 or search for a used TD-12. The TD-15 did not provide this feature and it is anyway hard to even recognize the difference between TD-11 and 15. As a result, Roland stated the TD-25 will replace the TD-15.

Not every drummer needs countless pads, drum kits and thousands of functions. The TD-25 is a minimized version of the TD-30. Only the important functions are included such as quick recording, Supernatural technology with „Behavior Modeling“ and the possibility to connect a USB cable. My personal main reason to own this module is the real feeling which is provided through positional sensing on the snare and ride.

The big downside is the missing midi input, including percussion set. Older middle class modules like the TD-9 and 12 offered this feature which made them extensible. It was basically possible to connect a 2nd module like the TMC-6 and extend the drum kit with 6 more pads. This additional module triggers the editable drum sounds of the main modules integrated percussion set.

It is incomprehensible to many e-drummers that Roland decided to leave out this feature, as almost every e-drummer wants to expand his kit with countless extra pads. This limitation makes it necessary to buy a TD-30 or a used TD-12.

Overall, it is a positive development that Roland recognized the needs of the customers and brought back the tour series into their V-Drums selection. It offers basically everything you need for recording, practicing and even gigging. However the missing Midi input makes it an unattractive offer for many e-drummers including me. But let’s be honest. Do you really need a huge kit with 20 extra pads. Most likely it is only an obsession and minimalism is trending nowadays.

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  1. Just to say thanks for keeping up the good work/reviews/videos and helpful advice.
    I was wondering if the td-25 had any shortcomings and your review makes it clear!

    Very best to you 🙂

  2. I want to have a module to drive superior drummer 2.
    I definitely need the positional sensing feature on snare and ride
    Pads extension is not a requirement for me.

    Would you recommend TD-25 over TD-12 due to its SuperNatural tech adopted?

    • In this case the TD-25 is fine for you. But usually drummers want to extend and use more cymbals or more toms after a while. If you know for sure that you wont, go for it.

  3. I ran into the same issue with extending the TD-25. I added an extra cymbal pad and another KD-9 kick drum (as the width of the kick drum did not work well with my double bass pedals) to the two trigger sockets in the back of the module. I now want to add an extra tom pad but unable to find a solution. The only option I have found is to have two modules, working separately from one another. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  4. I know this is really old but I can’t find anything that tells me if the TD 20 is different than the TD 25? Do you happen to know? I am looking for a new in-home kit and the TD 30 is just too expensive. I would love to own it… but there is no way possible. So I get on Ebay and the TD 20 is pretty hefty in price too. I am wondering why. Isn’t it discontinued?

    • The TD-30 is basically the follow up of the TD-20. The TD-20 was just the previous flag ship. I would recommend a TD-20 over a TD-25, since the TD-25 is not a high end module and does not have as many capabilities.

  5. Hey, I have a question. I’m totally Blind and have recently purchased the TD25, first question. If I wanted to purchase the TD30 Module would it work with the TD25kv? And secondly I was wondering if I wanted to upgrade the Rack toms to 10″ Pads would I have to purchase the Roland ones, or would another Brand work ok like Alesis or Yamaha for example, it’s just with me being Blind I find myself hitting the rims on the rack toms sometimes, where as the Snare and Floor toms are the right size for me. Only found out yesterday that you can’t change the triggers separately like a cow bell on the Tom rim.. Hope you can help. Thank you.

    • Hi David,

      Yes, the TD-30 module is compatible with every Roland pad. And I agree, the 8″ toms are even too small for me sometimes. I would do the following: I would buy a Roland PD-125 12″ pad as snare and PDX-100 pads as rack toms. PDX-100 are 10″ and really cheap. They are in front of you and you will get used to them and hit them more easily than the floor toms on your right. Therefore I would also buy PD-125 as floor toms. I believe they are harder to find if you not see them and should therefore be bigger. Other brands work as well, but are not as sensitive as the Roland ones. Where are you from, I might have some additional suggestions, based on your location. Because there are a lot of brands that build custom pads.


  6. I am very new to my TD25
    My OLD Roland kit allowed me to assign a “double kick” sound to my kick pad, but i cant find anyway to do that on my td25 kit. am i missing something?

  7. Hi, I have a quick question which might be a bit off topic in this post but since I own a TD-25kv I thought it’s a good place to ask.
    I wanted to know your suggestion when amplifying the roland td25kv.
    I don’t intend to play gigs with it, but I do rehearse at my place, and I’m getting tired of A) Headphones B) Having two horrible speakers (really bad quality ones). Its honestly disrespectful for the td25 :(.
    I have looked in some forums, but they recommend drum amps which is only one speaker. The fact that its only ONE speaker makes me uncertain about that option.
    What do you recommend, or use right now?
    Thanks in Advance!
    I’ve been following your channel for a while and really enjoyed reading and got help more than once, thanks for helping us out all e-drummers, best wishes.

    • Not at all off-topic. E-drums sound mostly not great with drum amps. You have to do 2 things. 1. Get a module that has several audio outputs (TD-20, 30, 50) and connect them to a mixer. The well-mixed audio goes then to a speaker system. 2. You need a powerful speaker system. Only a drum amp cannot provide a good sound. However, the new Roland amps are close.

  8. Thanks for all the info above.
    Problem: I just purchased the td25kvs. It’s a great kit considering I’m coming from one of the first Yamaha 5 piece crap kits that came out like a decade ago.
    But as you’ve said a few times, I’m running Into that barrier not being able to customize and expand. I have another crash in the second port. And one free aux 1/4″ for some other pad/cymbal etc.
    I picked up the tm2 to help out but I think this is also limited In what I can add.
    Question: would it be better to just add another module? And if so, what module would work best with/compliment, or otherwise do the absolute best to augment the lack of options.
    IF you have any ideas at all, I am all ears. Even multiple suggestions if possible.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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