Roland Has Listened To Us

Roland has released 3 new v-drum kits and many new e-drum components. The TD-1KPX, The TD-50K, and TD-50KV. I will focus on the TD-50 sound module and all related e-drum components.

Roland did a great job in fulfilling 4 major wishes of the “e-drum community”:

  • A drum module with real samples
  • A kit with bigger size pads and cymbals
  • A modern drum kit setup with 1 rack tom, 1-2 floor toms and a ride located closer to the kits centre
  • The possibility to use an e-drum kit live

Roland TD-50K V-Drum Kit

This kit is a standard 5 piece kit contains a modern drum kit setup of a 14” snare, a 10” rack tom, 2x 10” floor toms and a 12” kick drum. The K version is Roland’s budget kit version which means smaller pads and smaller rack.

Old Components:

The TD-50K contains a new drum rack called: MDS-50K. The cables are inside the black rack, like known from previous top-level Roland kits.

The TD-50K’s new components are the same as for the KV’s components and will be described in more detail later.

Roland TD-50KV V-Drum Kit

The high-end version of the TD-50 kit is also a standard 5 piece standard kit, just with different pad sizes. It has a 10” rack tom and 2 12” floor toms. Snare and bass drum are both 14” pads.

Old Components:

  • PD-108-BC rack tom
  • 2x PD-128-BC floor toms
  • KD-140 kick pad
  • CY-14 and CY-15R/C crash cymbals
  • VH-13 hi-hat

The MDS-50 KV rack is similar to the known MDS-25 rack. It made contains only chrome parts and the cables are hidden too.

All following components are contained in both kit versions, K and KV.

Roland CY-18 DR

The e-drum community was begging for a ride cymbal bigger than the 15” CY-15 R ride. Roland listened and released this “giant rubber monster”. An 18” ride, that feels and moves like an acoustic ride, according to the Roland artists. TD-50KV owners and especially e-drummers that converted a real size acoustic kit into an e-drumkit will be so happy about this. The ride can finally cope with bigger size pads. Since it is a digital pad, the cymbal can not only be choked, but touched, to stop the sound.

Price: 499€

Roland PD-140 DS Snare

Me and others were always wondering why Roland has never made real size snare pads. The Roland people must have woken up after years of ignoring people’s demand for 14” snares and decided to finally build this product. From what I saw on the live stream, this snare is incredibly sensitive. It looks like a 14-inch version of the PD-128 with 8 lugs and I have the feeling there is much more to it than just a normal trigger pad. Roland description says “multi-element sensor system”, whatever that means. Roland must also have decided to invent a 3 ply mesh head, which is a component of this snare.

The DS stands for digital. That means there is USB technology inside the snare. The PD-140 DS and the CY-18 DS will only work with the TD-50 module

Price: 699€

Kick Drum Convertor KD-A22

Acoustic to e-drum conversions is a growing trend in the e-drum community. A good looking drum kit simply needs a big bass drum. You cannot play a gig and be taken seriously as a drummer with a 12” kick pad.

The kick drum converter is a trigger/head that can be applied to a 22” acoustic bass drum. This set contains a resonant head, the actual trigger head with a built in jack plug, a second head that covers the sensor head almost entirely and a bass drum hoop. The connector is at the front, which makes it easy to connect the kick.

The sensor head seems to be moving like a really head. I hope it feels as good and realistic as a real head, since a realistic rebound has always been a big demand. I think the idea is great but I still have my doubts in terms of noise emissions.

Price: 349€

The TD-50 Sound Module

Finally, Roland has made the long requested e-drum module that combines sample sounds and Roland’s accurate triggering. This module is not only the flagship of the Roland product range, it is the overall e-drum flagship module in my opinion.

It is possible to upload your own Wav Samples via SD card and layer them with the Roland sounds. You can also transfer 10 individual audio signals into a DAW for recording.


The Problem of choosing a module for live gigs dissolved. This module will change the perception of e-drums completely. E-drums are now ready for the stage. Real sample sounds combined with accurate triggering and 8 individual outputs make them a professional tool for gigging musicians. I have the feeling that you will see a lot more e-drums on stages from now on.

The price of the TD-50 Module is 2499€. Find the Module on

4 Replies to “Roland Has Listened To Us”

  1. One word. Wow. Unfortunately only saw the end of the live show but you made it clear that THIS is a huge step forward. Absolute fine piece. Finally a drumkit that sound like a real one. I’m just afraid of the pricetag…

  2. Why is roland using a drum module with a crt more than 15-20 years old in technology. The cheapest cell phone made has a better crt.

    Why are the drum heads still too small?

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