Roland KT-10

The Roland KT-10 is by far the quietest kick pad for electronic drums. Every E-drummer will experience at least once the pleasure of meeting his angry neighbor, who is complaining about the him playing drums. This is usually related to the impact noise of the electronic bass drum pad. Every e-kick pad causes noise. Not room noise, but impact noise. This is audible in other rooms and usually underneath.

Imagine you got yourself a nice electronic drum kit and then you can finally play without disturbing others. Then you hear the actual sound of your bass drum and realize, this is still too loud. In some apartments of flats, it is simply not possible to play with normal kick pads. And this is where the KT-10 comes in.

The Roland KT-10 is both kick pad and pedal. It simulates the whole setup of an actual pedal beater bouncing against a mesh head with its backward levee construction. It provides a really good feel in terms of rebound. Even the Beater weight can be changed by removing or adding little weights. The pad triggers dynamically and can be used for fast beats. It is really well designed and made out of burst and chromed metal.

Check this video to see the pedal in action:

Double bass players can add a second KT-10 as slave pedal and connect it with the parent pedal trough is additional input. In theory you can chain endless KT-10s. Buy 2 of them might seem to be a bit pricey, but considering the fact that you won’t need a real bass drum pedal, makes it a good investment. Sadly, there aren’t as much setting options for the spring tension and the beater weight. The Roland KT-10 is compatible with every Roland V-drum kit and many other brand kits.


  • Price
  • Noise level
  • Compact


  • Not as realistic
  • Not many setup options

If you live in an apartment and need something really quiet, go for the Roland KT-10 It is the quietest solution out there and its noise can even be reduced further in combination with a Roland Noise Eater. A must have for every apartment drummer who want to have a good relationship with his neighbors.

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