Roland VH-11

The Roland VH-11 is an electronic hi hat cymbal pad, which simulates the feel and the dynamic of a real hi hat cymbal. It can be mounted to every conventional hi hat  stand and moves up and down when pressing the pedal.

padsIMG_4559This Cymbal is the main reason for many e-drummers, to buy a Roland kit. Its proper functioning is only ensured on Roland modules. It is absolutely responsive, offers step less transition, has 2 zones and is even chokeable. Cymbal foot splashes are also possible. It is reacting like a real hi hat.


The VH-11 contains a switch and the upper part of a hi hat cymbal. The cymbal itself has a diameter of 12’. It comes with a hi hat clutch and is pretty heavy. Its whole surface is covered with rubber.

The controller itself is kind of a plastic cylinder with the diameter of a Coke can. The felt washer of the hi hat stand has to be removed and the 3rd part of the VH-11 set, the rotation stopper gets applied instead. The rotation stopper is a hi hat washer with a rubber surface, to provide the sensor from spinning.

Both cables for cymbal and the sensor can be plugged really close to each other. The cables should be mounted on the stand with a cable tie included in delivery.

The Hihat stand used for the VH-11 should have a strong spring as the pad is much heavier than a normal Hihat top. A weak spring will limit the playability. In this case the hi hat closes on every hit and the opening and closing process is not dynamic and fast. But this is not an actual problem caused through the VH-11, it is a problem of the stand. The stand is also responsible for a spinning VH-11. So it is necessary to use a good hi hat stand.

One downside is the fact that it is not possible to apply a different clutch to the hi hat pad. This might be a problem for double bass players who want to user a drop clutch.

-A drop clutch cannot be applied

-Weight (bad for weak hi hat stands)

+Dynamic, responsiveness

+Look, feel, movement


The Roland VH-11 is by far the best electronic Hihat pad on the market in this price range. Only the Roland VH-12 and 13 are better). A must have for every electronic drummer. It might be pricey, but it is worth every cent.

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Full Support: TD-30, TD-25, TD-20, TD-15, TD-12, TD-11, TD-9, ATV-aD5, 42Box + 2Box

Basic Support: TD-10 (TDW-1), TD-8, TD-6, TD-4