Roland PDX-100

The Roland PDX-100 is a 10” mesh pad with a 2-way mount. It has a more sensitive rim trigger than the older Roland pads. Through its clever mounting system, it can be mounted onto a standard L-rod or even to a usual tom mount. The pad is light weight and does not roland pdx100IMG_8107
cause too much noise. The very best fact is the price. It is cheaper than a smaller PD-85. The fact that it is bigger than the PD-85 should actually make it more expensive.

Older kits like TD-9 do not have standard settings for the PDX-100. Although it can be used without issues. I am using the PD-105 settings and get a great trigger result. This pad is a standard component in kits like TD-25KV or TD-30K.

+2 way mountroland pdx100IMG_8109




The PDX-100 is one of my favorite Roland pads for a reason. The price is fair and it is a 10” mesh pad. A great pad for kit upgrades.

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