Roland KD-120

The Roland KD-120 is a 12’ kick pad with a 2ply Mesh Head, big enough for both double and single pedal. It has 4 legs, which makes it really steady, and those legs are even adjustable in various ways. Each rim screw has a counter nut, to keep the tuning of the head. This is the only pad with such a technique. A stable and strong metal sheet is simulating the tuning hoop of a bass drum. A little hump provides the pedal from sliding away. A huge Roland logo is visible on the front of the pad. This logo in combination with the slotted metal shield gives it a nice modern look.

The pad has been in the padsIMG_8117Roland range since the Roland TD-10, it is still a part of the newest TD-30K, cause its construction seems to be timeless. In the middle of the shell, behind the mesh head is a huge foam cylinder. This part decreases the rebound of the kick beater. The KD-120 triggers accurate and can be used with every Roland module. The weight of it is 7.7kg, which is really heavy. Therefore, it is steady but not as easy to transport.

The jack plug is applied on top of the kick pad.

There are however some weaknesses. The metal sheet to apply the pedal is too high for specific kick pedals like the DW-9000. There is no way to lift it downwards or change the legs. The pedal is basically hovering off the ground when applied. There is actually a simple solution to solve this problem. Watch this video to see my solution.

The noise Level is also a weak point. The impact noise level is lower than on KD-9 and KD-85, but still too loud. You are wrong if you think you won’t disturb your neighbors by upgrading to a Kd-120. The problem with the impact noise level remains, just on a lower scheme.

– Impact noisepadsIMG_8128

– Transport weight

– Hovering pedal

+ Weight, steady

+ Mesh head size

+ Feel, responsive

+ Look


A must have for double bass players and drummers who play fast and aggressive. It is not much quieter than the other Roland kick pads, but provides a good feel.

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