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I decided to give my website a new look. The old one was my first try in making websites and I got really tired of its design. WordPress is a better tool in my opinion, especially if you want to combine blogs and webpage. A friend of mine recently updated his site using a website design company and well, it looked great and I just felt like my website needed a facelift too. Now I think my site looks so much better.

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My plan is to not only make videos about e-drum topics; no I also want to write blog articles and reviews. Please excuse all grammar mistakes. As I am from Germany and started really late with speaking English, it might not be perfect what I write. But at least you can be sure that I am not using a ghostwriter.

I will only review gear I own or owned, everything else would be a fraud. You will get my honest opinion about everything. I am a Roland fan, but that does not mean I am blindly in love with everything they produce. My channel would not exist if their gear was perfect.

The blog articles will be about different topics. I could write about stupid opinions from people who hate e-drums and think they suck, without even playing them before. Btw. I was one of those people myself a long time ago. Another topic could be about people who go in debts to buy an expensive e-drum kit. I read this a lot and I am absolutely against doing that. But more in the upcoming blog post.

I have so many ideas to write about as you can guess and hope you will enjoy my content.


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  1. I just wanted to congratulate you on your website. You put so much work into your YouTube channel and website. Because I have both, (although my website is far less developed than yours), I see the amount of effort you put into it. Even though you are from Germany, you write better English than many Americans! I love your unique perspective on Edrums. Keep doing what you are doing!

    • Thanks Justin, I think your website is great. You made it yourself right? I try my best with my english writings. It is not easy, but the grammar spelling softwares help a lot:)

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