My “new” Roland TD-20

As a loyal V-drumtips follower, you might have noticed that I still have a Roland TD-9 module in all videos. I could never find a good reason to upgrade my module, until recently. I saw one of these offers at a buy and sell platform here in Ireland that seemed too good to be true. A second hand Roland TD-20 drum set in really good condition and with many accessories for only 1750€. These kind of offers is usually published by scammers, since such a price is way too low for this drum kit.

Here are some details:

  • A full Roland TD-20 6 piece drum set with all original components
  • TDW-20 update for the Module
  • An additional PD-105 mesh pad + original mount
  • 1 additional Roland CY-12 R/C
  • 2 additional Roland CY-8
  • Hihat stand, snare stand and bass drum pedal including case
  • the box MA1220 MKII Monitor

td-20-pics4A standard Roland TD-20 has still a value of 2500-3000€, without any extras. However, I made an offer and got this kit delivered to my home. The person who was selling it was really friendly and everything else than a scammer. He treated the kit very good and even gave me a box of cables.

The mesh heads were a bit dirty and the cymbals cried for some Dr.Kredo. But no problem, I am the king of cleaning mesh heads. The only piece, that was missing, is the original VH-12 hi-hat rotation clamp. Everything else was original. Another little flaw is the well known “TD-20 LCD Screen issue”. It is not disturbing me enough to buy a replacement screen for 80€. I guess the kit is 6-8 years old.

This is a photo of all standard components. I only set up the original parts.

td-20-pics2I soon figured out that I do not need the speaker monitor and managed to sell it together with the 2 CY-8 pads immediately for 200€, which decreases my spendings for the TD-20 to 1550€, for such this awesome high end kit. Unbelievable!

The TD-20 itself is great, the VH-12 hi-hat is more realistic than the VH-11, through to its pressure sensor and the big CY-14 Crashes give it an awesome look. I also love the rack that allows you to hide the cables by leading them through.


The module itself is much better than the TD-9, even though I was saying that there is no need to upgrade. I am fully aware that this might have been a luxury upgrade, but this module is just so much better than the mid-level TD-9. It has more adjustment options for triggers, Positional Sensing and really important, a volume adjustment for “Mix In” Audio. This way I could get rid of the mixing desk from my original setup. I also know that no one needs 5 crash cymbals, but an enormous amount of trigger inputs has been just great and I would not want to go back to a “limited inputs module”.

Within the last 3 months, I sold almost all components that I did not need, partly from my old setup and also from the TD-20. This way I did make the entire amount of money I’ve spend back. Every single cent!

I got this upgrade basically for free:


The secret is to wait for a good moment and have enough money ready to buy. I see these kind of offers every now and then. I just missed another good one before. Some people sell these kits cheaply without knowing their value or because they need money quick. This is the best chance to get a high-end kit for a very good price. And the best thing: These kits do almost not loose their value anymore. So the chances are quite high to cope back everything you spend, in case you decide to get rid of it.

10 Replies to “My “new” Roland TD-20”

  1. Good upgrade at perfect price. But where do you think to buy the new LCD? I have a TD-12 with the “lcd screen issue” and I don’t find any e-commerce that shipping the new screen in EU, only in US.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  2. You do you need an interface to run with EZD and play backing tracks at the same time? I currently use a TD15 and don’t need an interface but am now wondering whether to use drumsplitters to expand or to purchase a TD20 module.

    • Hi Anthony, you won’t need an interface to run EZD.Playing background tracks is either possible with a daw or in general on mac by using youtube or an audio player in the background. Drumsplitters are not the best choice. Better get a TD-20. I am currently selling one. Contact me if you are interested:)

      • i don’t have a mac so I guess I’d need an interface, I needed one back when I had a Crimson. How much are you selling the TD20 for?

  3. Hi Anthony,I recommend using the MIDI out of the module into an audio interface on your computer and triggering samples, such as Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2.0 or Fxpansion’s BFD2 instead of recording with the module sounds. The module sounds are fine to practice with, but they definitely don’t sound like real recorded drums. But the response and feel of the TD-20 kit is the best, IMO.

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