Hating on E-drums causes effort and costs

padsIMG_4559When I was starting out playing drums, I thought E-drums are shit. I was one of those people who simply ignored the possibility of using them, already stalemate without really trying any decent electronic drum kit. I did not at all consider them as an alternative to an acoustic kit, just because other musicians told me.

garage planSo I went for an acoustic kit and like everyone who’s living in an apartment, I had actually no place to play drums. There were no rehearsal rooms to rent for drummers in the town I was living at the time. I did consider having a gable garage built especially, but it was the kind of project I needed to save for, so instead I looked for one to rent and found one that looked like it could do the trick. However, this garage was not only small but was also in pretty bad condition. The roof leaked, it was full of spiders and it smelled like fuel. The door was made out of metal and would actually amplify the noise of the drum kit instead of decreasing it. In the end, I visited Https://www.midwestgaragebuilders.com/services and got a pretty reasonable quote from them which allowed me to start building the perfect practice space from scratch, at home.

I dampened every wall and the roof with a wooden raster frame, a lot of rock wool and covered it with carpet to make the room soundproof. If you want to make your room soundproof, check out these soundproofing tips from Soundproof Panda. It was not only sound, but air proof, the door was looking like a bunker door and the air got sucked through the window seal when opening it.

Rock wool isolates heat two, which was handy during winter time, but a pain during the summer. The room was heating up from 0-20 degrees after playing drums for 15 minutes. But during summer, never hotter than body temperature. The result of making it sound proof was quiet good. I did not annoy my neighbors too much, although they could still hear me and soon got to know me for playing drums in a garage.

Weird facial expression
Weird facial expression in my garage

Building this garage was fun and I learned a lot about construction, wiring and noise isolation, but it cost me around 800€ for the cheapest basic materials and the rent of 20€ a month. I spent half a year building it, as I wanted to play drums so bad.

I used it for 3 years, spent even more money to maintain the roof and probably ruined my kit, because the humiliation was too high for a wooden instrument. BTW, there was no space for a full band.

I spent 3 days for rebuilding the garage before giving it back to the landlord, half a year later I bought my first good electronic drum kit and realized:


I should have taken the money I spent for the Pearl Kit (800€) and the money for the Garage (1500€ including rent) and spend it on a nice electronic drum kit. I should have known!

This goes out to everyone who does still believe electronic drums aren’t a great option. You are so wrong! And you will pay for being wrong!

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2 Replies to “Hating on E-drums causes effort and costs”

  1. You are so right!!!!
    Getting the right time to practice on my acoustic kit was always a pain.
    Bought a Roland Electronic kit and now I can play “whenever” I want.

    If your not sure about them , go to a music store and play them (until they kick you out). Go for the ones with mesh heads, not the rubber pads. They feel like the real deal!!!!
    Best money I ever spent!

    • Nice! Yes, had the same problem in the past. Had to drive to my rehearsal room to play drums. No I can just play while waiting for my girlfriend getting ready:)

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