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Q: Where to buy replacement cones for Roland pads?

A: The Roland PD-80/85/100/105/120/125 need trigger cones with the exact height of 35 mm. You can buy these cones at quartzpercussions.com. Newer pads might need a different cone. The newer versions of the PD-125 might have a different cone. You are on the safe site if you measure the cone before you order.

Q: Where to buy the replacement foam cushion for KD-80/85/120?

A: The foam cylinder for both pads can be bought at fullcompass.com in the US. The rest of the world can order both parts at R-DRUMS.com. The foam of KD-80 and KD-85 is identical.

Q: Where to buy spare parts for Roland FD-8 and HD-1 pedal?

A: The rubber part (C6200053R1), called Sensor Actuator and the sheet sensor (C3400026R0). Order both parts at fullcompass.com in the US, at merktron.es from Spain or the sensor only at le-drumshop.fr from France.

Q: Where to buy piezo triggers?

A: I strongly recommend buying piezo triggers and related parts like foam adhesive dots from R-DRUMS. R-DRUMS labels the ground cable of their piezos as it does not mean the black cable is necessary the ground cable. The polarity of a piezo can be interchanged despite the cable colors. The guys from r-drums measure every piezo with an oscilloscope and mark the ground cable with a white ring.

Q: Why is my Drum Splitter not working?

A: Make sure the following steps are done correct.

  1. Check if your module is supporting individual editing for head and rim of the pad you want to split.
  2. Make sure you split a stereo cable or plug into 2 mono cables /plugs.
  3. Use the right resistor (100K ohm, either 0,25 0,5 or 1 watt)
  4. Make sure the resistor is connected between the 2 mono tip contacts.
  5. Check if the soldering is done properly.
  6. Check for short circuits.

Q: What happens if I hit both split pads at the same time?

This would mean you trigger head and rim at the same time. The module is processing this action as rim shot and trigger one sound. So you would have to avoid hitting both split pads at the same time. Check out this video for more information about Drumsplitters.

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