Downsizing My Electronic Drum kit

I built this huge e-drum kit with 4 toms and 6 cymbals, extra pads like trigger bars or and DIY cowbell. I even connected an extra module named Roland TMC-6 to have more inputs. A great kit, no doubt, but I figured out that in an everyday scenario I have only a bit of spare time to play and even switching on an extra module is becoming annoying. I want to press 1 button and go. If I have to switch channels and change settings, my drive is going down towards 0 and I rather do not play.

rolandIMG_7993So I decided to get rid of the TMC-6 and some pads. The main reason is me being limited on drums. I am a basic drummer and not really able to implement 4 toms. A standard 3 tom kit is more than enough for the music I make. It has everything I need on one module. 3 Toms, 3 crashes and a double bass pedal. The only thing I might want to add is an extra splash cymbal, but this will happen through a Drumsplitter as I usually don’t hit the center zone of a crash cymbal and therefore not require a dual zone crash cymbals.

This setup is more than enough for the 3 hours a week I spend on playing my kit. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of huge drum kits with 50 pads as long as the owner can play them. I think there is nothing more embarrassing than a drummer on a 20 piece kit who can rarely play an ACDC Song.

rolandIMG_9223I Know, I know, upgrading electronic drums is an addiction. I had to fight it as well. It is hard to see the others buying new stuff for their kits, all the time and resist. I would suggest to invest more money in quality rather than quantity. Getting a better kit with better cymbals and the best mesh heads instead. I think that can lead to a bigger enjoyment of the drum kit too.

And if you still think you need 6 different kick pedals, then go for it, I am not judging:)

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